Thursday, November 15, 2012

I left because I had to tackle somethings up. But now, I'm back and now active again to wage word wars to fellow Nano's (awoooo)!

I wrote 30,000 words!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh boy! An emergency!

This is a hard decision but I need to have a week vacation from Nanowrimo and do some stuff so important that it could make a difference in my future (especially in my writing career, if I have a career). I know. This may result to failing Nanowrimo this year but I don't care. I can still try for next week but this project won't wait till next year. So, bye-bye for now (teary eyed).

See you by Week 3.


It's so early to stop.. I know.. But this is so much for a day... Running from 2660 words to 7187 is insane! That's what we call "hitting the plan". And I made it. Time's calling... Rest... And I call this a day. 


I can't believe that I failed to get the daily word count. Why? It's because we need to go to the cemetery to pay respect to my dead relatives. Oh boy. And by the time we went back home, everyone in the house keeps buzzing like furious bees. Grrr. Anyways, it's still okay... There still lots of days to write.

BRB ladies and gents. I have a word count to chase. :)))


Friday, November 2, 2012

I woke up late. Yeah. What kind of alarm clock do I have? Ahaha.. Anyways, like yesterday, I went straight to my PC to write. Yesterday was a wonderful sprint, you know, and I'm planning to have it again. Are you ready to write and catch-up for some word count? I'm sure you are.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Achieving 1667 words in Day 1 is quite relieving. I made more word count than the suggested. That was quite fun. In my novel, I'm now in my Chapter 2 and gonna sprint again for the 2nd day.

I made a card for my characters where I list all of the playing figures in my novel. I also made a card where I write all of the probably themes or topics that to be discussed in my work.

Over-all, my day 1 is fun!  

Grrr! My alarm doesn't work and that failed me to be on the 1st hour of NanoWrimo (that has been my habit since I joined Nanowrimo). But still, I wanna greet a....


... WRITING!!! :p

That's better!

Anyways, I've been just awake a few minutes and I ran straight to my PC to check what's happening to the rest of the writing world.

What I will do now is to write my first 1667 words or more and continue until I get tired. I've already done plotting my story from beginning to its end and I believe that will make this year's Nanowrimo journey easier. I made a cup of coffee with cinnamon to engine start my crave to write while listening Holiday by Bee Gees. 

My cup of coffee having a chat with my plot cards. :)
Woooh... Need to stop this wonderful talk for the mean time 'cause I have to be with my protagonist first. She keeps bickering on me why I won't start to build and her company up. Hahaha... Such a cutie character (You will meet her and the others some time.)

Why not try the music I'm playing now? You might like this one.


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