Sunday, October 14, 2012

November is fast approaching and I have to be fast in my preparation "ritual" too for this year's Nanowrimo. Before this very day, I already setup this blog for the sole reason for Nanowrimo-ing. I wanna start documenting my Nanowrimo experience this year and onward (though I started doing Nanowrimo since 2012). I want to gather too my Nanofriends in one blog and able to feature them as well. I love to write with people who love to write too. Its somewhat a motivation-driving force to finish a novel.

For this day of my nano-preparation I did:

  • Trimmed my hair
    • I hate to be interrupted just because I need to trim my hair. Often, my hair becomes the reason why I don't want to write. All the more if it's long, I feel like they try to get my ideas out of my head and leaving me helpless. :) I dunno if you experienced that kind of feeling. Hahaha. So, I need to trim my hair months before NanoWrimo.
Hahaha! Untidy, Yes. It is... :)
  • Made my own progress calendar
    • For me to be updated as how I progress through the whole writing month, I made a half manila paper size calendar. (I will let you see how it looks like on my next post.) I will be putting the number of words I able to achieve within a day and marked it with a nanowrimo sticker (which I made myself). Making a progress calendar really helps a lot. I made one like this when I first started NanoWrimo last 2010 and succeeded. But last year, I didn't make one therefore I failed. I believe that this year I will finish the challenge with a very big victorious grin. :))

  • Downloaded a writing software.
    • I'm not very confident to just use MS Word (Raise your right hand if you feel like that too.) I wanted a writing software interface that gives me a kick of "HEY! WRITE! WRITE! WRITEEEEEE!". So for this year, I will be using Scrivener(Windows) and yWriter5 as a back up software. 

  • Downloaded an archiving software (a timeline to be exact)
    • Because I wanna document every move I make, I downloaded a timeline software where I can put my writing activities. I used TimeLine. Try it.

What preparation will you do for NanoWrimo?


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