Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grrr! My alarm doesn't work and that failed me to be on the 1st hour of NanoWrimo (that has been my habit since I joined Nanowrimo). But still, I wanna greet a....


... WRITING!!! :p

That's better!

Anyways, I've been just awake a few minutes and I ran straight to my PC to check what's happening to the rest of the writing world.

What I will do now is to write my first 1667 words or more and continue until I get tired. I've already done plotting my story from beginning to its end and I believe that will make this year's Nanowrimo journey easier. I made a cup of coffee with cinnamon to engine start my crave to write while listening Holiday by Bee Gees. 

My cup of coffee having a chat with my plot cards. :)
Woooh... Need to stop this wonderful talk for the mean time 'cause I have to be with my protagonist first. She keeps bickering on me why I won't start to build and her company up. Hahaha... Such a cutie character (You will meet her and the others some time.)

Why not try the music I'm playing now? You might like this one.


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