Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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NanoWrimo Progress Calendar

Progress Log

Day 10
with 7187 words\\

Day 9

with 7187 words\\

Day 8

with 7187 words\\

Day 7

with 7187 words\\

Day 6

with 7187 words\\

Day 5

with 7187 words\\

Day 4

with 7187 words\\

Day 3
//05:28PM- 1 week rebel. Need to prioritize something. 
Bye. :(((\\
//02:00PM- Hello 7187 words. Time to rest.
Let's call this a day.\\
//09:37AM- Failed to get 3333 word count yesterday.
I need to sprint to 5000 and more.\\

Day 2
//03:04PM- Grrr!
//08:05- Writing will be delayed. I have something to do
first before to proceed in a non-stop writing. Brb folks.\\
//07:35AM- Again, I woke up late. What the h*ll is wrong
in my alarm? Ahaha. Anyways, I'm preparing fro another word sprint.\\

Day 1
//11:10- Achieved 2211 word count, made a character 
and probable theme/topic cards. Gonna sprint again in Day 2\\
//05:01PM- And after an almost 3-hour sprint, I achieved a 2% increase
on my word count. :) Ended Chapter 2. Gonna rest a little...\\
//03:31PM- Hit 1667 daily word count. Middle of chapter 2.
I'm still running hard!\\
//02:53PM- Ended chapter one. A 2% progress.
Going word sprint! \\
//02:22PM- Came back after some rest.
Made a character card and had listed probable themes
or topics to be discussed in my novel.\\
//09:48AM- Oooh! Hunger Strikes... Gonna eat first.. .BRB.
(finished 1000 words over 1667)\\
For more detailed record of my progress for this year, click here.


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