Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Character and Plot map for my novel!
I didn't plan to come up an early noveling map to be used this November. But last night, a brown-out all throughout our neighborhood gave me an idea what to write for NanoWrimo. I love you to present my temporary title "The Life of Bam". It's a  story of a typical Filipino poor family living in the squatters area in the Philippines and all of a sudden an event happen and led to the great turn of their lives.

I was amazed last night because, unknowingly I was able to make a story that was unplanned. To be honest I didn't have any story in mind for write next month but thanks to the brown-out a bright light bulb shone over my head. :))

Do you have a noveling/writing map too?


Phil N. Schipper said...

Nope, I don't have anything planned. Well, I do have a little. But you've already done a lot more than me.

Gil Nambatac said...

@Phil- I'm sure you can make a plan if you are willing to win. :) What story will you be writing?

Kat said...

My plan consists of plot points scribbled in a notebook. I LOVE your blog design, by the way. Wish I knew how you did it!

(And feel free to download that cover photo you liked from my blog!)

Gil Nambatac said...

Thanks @Kat! I just searched it on google... :D

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